Gentle, Kind, Ultimate Shine

No pulling or tugging on your hair or extensions. The ultimate haircare hairbrush.


  • I absolutely love my brush. I don’t have hair extensions but I have recently gone from black to blonde so my hair is in very bad condition at the moment. Brushing it was a nightmare. To be honest the only reason I bought it was to support a Galway business but I’m delighted I did. It has made my hair so much more manageable. It’s Amazing. So cute too. I’m getting 2 more this week for my nieces as they have really long hair.
    - Evonne O’ Neill- Wade
  • My hairdresser used this on my extensions and I was blown away! Sometimes with other extension brushes it feels like your just “patting” the hair when you brush it but the Belle brush gave it a really good brushing without damaging the hair. 10/10
    - Nikki Hannigan
  • I love the Belle Brush, I don’t have extensions but I have quite a lot of hair and I am not great at drying it. Since getting this brush I find it a lot easier to dry my hair and it looks so much better after drying than it used to. Thanks a million for developing such a super brush, it looks fab too. I love mine so much I am going to buy some for Christmas presents.
    - Emma Forsyth
  • I have really long hair that gets tangled very fast, but the belle brush looks after my hair while cutting down on combing time. I really love the change of life to my hair form using it. MUST HAVE!
    - Davina Clancy
  • I have four of them! I absolutely love this hairbrush; it take all the knots out of your hair without breaking your hair. I used it on my Belle Hair extensions and it is so gentle while thoroughly brushing the hair. I currently do not have extensions but I will use no other brush on my hair as I feel all other types are too harsh on my hair, and really hurt to use! Nancy is a genius for developing this brush!!! 10/10
    - Ciara McN