Nancy Cavanagh


Nancy, runs a successful hair salon in Co Galway, Ireland.  From years of experience, she realised she had to recommend multiple hair brushes to her clients.  She was surprised to find that there was no one hairbrush that covered all the necessities which hair extension clients needed, so came the creation of The Belle Brush.


The Belle Brush is a unique product and was developed by experienced extensionists.  From its release in 2017, there has been an amazing response to the brush.  Those who wore hair extensions were delighted to have a brush that did everything they needed, from detangling to blow-drying and styling.  Hair extension wearers rejoiced.


As time went by we found those who didn’t have extensions were purchasing the brush as well, especially parents of young children. They found with using the brush that it would glide through their children's hair, and there would be no complaining or tears! A winner for those early school mornings 


From this realisation, we created The Baby Belle.  This is a smaller version of the hugely successful Belle Brush Original.  While being perfect for travelling or popping in your handbag, it is also great for kids to use themselves and is very user friendly for little hands.